We are upgraded!

Drupal 7 website goes live

Over the last six months we have undertaken an upgrade of this website, from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, as well as giving the email newsletter a make-over. The new-look newsletter was launched last August, and now in January 2016 we are delighted to go live with the upgraded website. The upgrade project was supported by the Arts Council of Wales and a donation campaign - thank you very much to everyone who contributed.

While on the surface the website doesn't appear very different, there have been significant changes behind the scenes. The majority of the work has been in the "engine" of the site, the database and configuration of the site's functionality. This means that the site is now up-to-date in terms of security and is running a fully-supported version of Drupal - which is important in ensuring that the site performs well on the latest browsers and devices.

Our members who use the site to post their own news, events and blogs will find a new and more user-friendly interface for creating and uploading their content.

Translation is another area where there have been improvements in how the content is managed, and we will soon be adding German as a fourth language option on the site.