Live Dreams: Transcend - Live On-The-Line
22 October 2021
Online, Vimeo

Rakini Devi and Karl Ockelford share their collaborative work in progress of a live-art performance film. Inspired by the Latin expression “solve et coagula”- “solve” meaning to disseminate, and “coagula” the process of joining (coagulating). In this short film, Rakini and Karl explore spiritual transmutation, female alchemy, and the body as mythological icon. Rakini Devi’s practice of transforming/embodying female iconography spans three decades. Rakini Devi has collaborated with sound artist and filmmaker Karl Ockelford for twenty years. This film collage represents their experiments during a 2019 Critical Path residency titled The Body as Archive and their 2017 collaboration on Devi’s multidisciplinary performance, Urban Kali.

Live Dreams: Transcend - Live On-The-Line is curated by Choy Ka Fai and presents works that explore the aspiration for self-transcendence, and the psychological phenomena of liminal spaces, expanding boundaries of oneself.

Transmission Dissolution - Rakini Devi

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