A Summer of Counterpoint

14 July 2022 to 25 August 2022
Roy Hart Centre, Malerargues, Southern France; and online via Zoom

Events will include practice and theory, laboratories, master classes, lectures and panel discussions towards A Summer of Counterpoint, with an offbeat, narrative and musical version of Psyche’s Task , which was the theme of the postponed Myth and Theater 2022 Festival.

Pantheatre’s 2022 Myth and Theatre Festival titled Psyche’s Task was cancelled and postponed in order to accompany Linda Wise through cancer treatment. She is well and in good spirits, and should be through with the treatments soon after summer.

Hence the proposal of A Summer of Counterpoint, a series of events through July and August, directed by Enrique Pardo with a circle of Pantheatre collaborators, to take place at Malerargues (Roy Hart Centre) and Online. Linda will contribute if and when she feels able to.
Events will alternate between praxis and teoria, with an off-beat, narrative and musical take on Psyche’s Task.
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Studio DTM, Paris 11
Malerargues / Roy Hart Centre,
Southern France


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