Porch Sitting

with Split Britches
27 October 2021
19:00 UK

Those of you who attended Bodies:On:Live may have participated in the Porch Sitting led by Lois Weaver.

In these divided times, it’s crucial that we talk to each other. Our survival depends on it. We need to find ways to acknowledge the things we care about, to find out what we share and how we differ; to wonder about the future and to ask difficult questions. Porch Sittings are an opportunity to move from these broad questions to more personal stories and experiences and to explore what it might mean to think, and feel and talk intimately in public. 

Join queer-feminist theatre icon, Lois Weaver and a group of strangers for a stimulating online conversation that gives you a chance to sit, think, dream and wonder about our collective future.

As we emerge from a time like no other, Lois brings the porch into your home, as she hosts this interactive online conversation that considers what we're leaving behind and what we're moving towards in our lives as we hover on the edge of change. Enter the Zoom room, turn off your camera and lean into wherever the mood takes the conversation.

Lois Weaver is a multi-award-winning artist, activist and Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary University of London. As one half of international performance troupe Split Britches she has been creating and touring work with her collaborator Peggy Shaw for over 40 years.

For more information on the Porch Sitting format visit the following website:
and visit the following website to reserve your place for a Porch Sitting on Stepping Out:

Porch Sitting - Split Britches

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