Parvathy Baul: Online Concert and Benefit

26 March 2022

We're happy to announce Parvathy Baul's first online concert on StageIt, a platform that allows real-time high resolution streaming, audience interaction, and an opportunity to support Parvathy Maa and the work of Sanatan Siddhashram.

​​Please click here to get tickets (pay what you can) for the 45-minute performance.

Parvathy Baul - online benefit ​This benefit concert is a way of bringing Parvathy Maa's performances to people around the world while giving us all a chance to support her directly. Tremendous thanks to everyone who gets a ticket and leaves Parvathy Maa a donation for this show — your support of her artistry, teaching, and humanitarian work in West Bengal is greatly appreciated.

​​To say an extra thank you to those who are willing and able to support Parvathy Maa's work at the next level, we would like to offer some rewards for supporters who make the biggest contributions.

​The three biggest supporters will receive:

​#3: A signed DVD and CD set
​#2: A signed DVD and CD set + an original art woodcut print by Parvathy Maa.
#1: A signed DVD and CD set + an original art woodcut print + a 20-minute phone conversation with Parvathy Maa.​

About StageIt

​The StageIt platform provides an opportunity for everyone to pay-what-you-can while allowing additional donations ("Tips") to send your love and support before and during the performance. It only takes a few minutes to get set up there.

The way the StageIt platform works is that you enter your credit card / paypal info to purchase "Notes" in order to receive a ticket and then donate those Notes to Parvathy by offering what StageIt calls "Tips."

There's a longer explanation below, so we hope you'll be patient as we experiment with this website.

At the end of the evening, the three who have contributed the most (via Tips both before and during the show) will receive the above prizes. We'll contact you after the performance.


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