Nišville Jazz Theatar

6 August 2017 to 13 August 2017
Niš, Serbia

Nišville Jazz Festival is from this year starting the International Nišville Jazz THEATER FESTIVAL, 6-13 August 2017. This year the theme is UNDER THE RHYTHM OF LONGINGS. Performances will take place in the Niš Fortress, the House of Officers, amphitheater-scene Saban Bajramovic, the bridge near the Niš Fortress, in the tent, in the park close to Haouse of Officers, on the streets and squares of Niš.

Nisville Jaz TheatreThis year our guests are:

  • Theatre En Vol-GERNIKA (I)
  • Street Theater Parade-Y (SRB)
  • Theater Fire- Circles (SRB)
  • Ruth Margraff and Café Antarsia Ensemble -TEMPTATION O F THE FRESH VOLUPTUOUS, USA
  • Littel Theater Dusko Radović- Book of Wondering (SRB)
  • ADA Contemporary dance – IN Between (BGR)
  • No doctor for Dead- Grenland Friteater (NOR)
  • Masquerade-co-production: of Subotica Theater for children and Segedin’s Puppet theater (SRB / HUNG)
  • Edit Piaff-THREEPENNY (SRB)
  • Alice in the land of Zmaja ( kite, dragon,Serbian poet)-DAH Teatar(SRB)
  • Circus-Papepet scene Pepino (SRB)

The Festival will organize 3 theatre workshops and 3 talks on a specific themes.

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Artistic Director Maja Mitic writes:

The International Nišville Jazz Theater Festival integrates the long-standing need for a festival that would begin its life in the city of Niš. Apart from being international and a festival of contemporary theater expression, it also includes jazz. It all started at the end of the XIX century and its continuing its development till today. It is a theatrical, scenic expression that, in addition to the dramatic text, uses music in all its forms, as well as movement, photography, images and video works. What makes this festival (Nišville Jazz Festival) great and internationally recognizable is, the exceptional high quality of the performances, which through successful artists, musicians of jazz music has been working successfully for years, bringing the most important artists from all over the world, ''breaking the borders'' of our country by placing it on a high scale, among the top 10 Festivals in Europe. Niš then becomes the center of high quality cultural gathering. Not only in Europe, but the World. City that is visited by all genres of the audience both domestic and international. The need for a theater festival is a natural follow-up. In this part of the country there is no other theater festival, especially not a contemporary one. With this decision to make the International Theater Festival of contemporary expression in Nis. Located in south of Serbia, we are also helping decentralization of Serbia. On the grounds that jazz promotes - freedom, equality, tolerance, the Theater Festival will rely on and be a natural partner with the same values.

The festival takes place from 06.08-13.08.2017. The main theater days are from 6th to 9th of August, in its last 4 days, it will switch to the jazz.

This year, many international theathre groups will be performing. From Italy - Teatar En Vol, USA Anatrsia Group, co-production, Hungary- Kever Bella from Szeged and Subotica Children's Theater, ADA-Contemporary Dance-Bulgaria, Greenland Fri Teatret from Norway and our country, the artists of street theater from Niš, Novi Sad,Littel Theater Pepino Puppet Theater, DAH Theater, Duško Radović Theater, Circusfera, Tri Groša, IUI trasping Dance Company.
The common denominator of this festival is using jazz music as inspiration, as well as any form of contemporary expression. During the festival each day there will be performances for the little ones, and a three day cirques workshop. The forms of this festival offers a verity such as street performances, cirques, dances and exhibitions. During the festival, cultural exchange of artists will take place in the forms of demonstrations, presentations, lectures and round tables with topics such as the Public Space as space of artistic expression, Circus skills and how Eastern theaters influence the art scene in general. In the afternoon, workshops will be organized for students of art universities as well as those interested in this form of art. We will have 4 workshops held by renowned artists from all around the world and our country.

On July 28, nine Italian artists are coming to Niš. They will start a collaboration with the artists from Niš and Belgrade. The already existing performance is to be renewed and made into a new performance. It is a co-production of our Festival with Theater En Vol from Sardinia and their spectacle show - GUERNIKA. This is a beautiful production that is playing in the open. It consists of theater elements with music, dancing, singing, great acting and breathtaking effects, such as burning Picasso's pre-imaged picture of the same title. It will be built in the Amphitheater near river Nišava for several thousands of people. This year is exactly 80 years since Guernica was bombed. I wanted this very performance to be on our festival. So that it can also remind us, of those times and the mistakes that were made. Our country went from a comfortable life into historical unrest. We should learn from experience, and this is an opportunity to encourage that.



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