Myth & Theatre Festival 2014

25 July 2014 to 5 August 2014
Studio DTM - PARIS 11e

Enrique Pardo will direct an intensive laboratory on choreographic theatre, which will include oratory times (lectures, images and debates) – on the relationship between

DREAM(s) and Choreographic Theatre

INFORMATION                Laboratory / Oratory

The new DTM Studio is ideal for this project, and Paris in this period, particularly propitious.


In collaboration with Linda Wise, Anna Grieve, Daniela Molina, Pierre-François Blanchard, Marion Rampal, Laura Fuentes and other guest artists and speakers (to be confirmed).

The new DTM Studio provides an ideal setting for this project and Paris, at this period, is particularly propitious.

A network for subletting flats will be organized with friends who will be on holidays during this time. Contact us.
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