Masterclass led by Ditte Berkeley and Nini Julia Bang

25 June 2018 to 29 June 2018
Masterclass led by Ditte Berkeley and Nini Julia Bang

In December 2017, in collaboration with the extraordinary Persian singer Mahsa Vahdat, Ditte Berkeley directed the master class "Voice Tale (Speaking Song)” at AISGE, which left the need to organize another session in the near future.

This time Ditte has invited Nini Julia Bang to join her. Nini is an exceptional singer and musician from Denmark, whose vocal expression, often inspired by traditional singing, has been recognized by artists of such high quality as Bjork. Nini and Ditte have a long history of working together at Teatr ZAR, the resident company of the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw. 

Ditte has been a leading actress in the company since its inception and her point of focus is the expression of the "staging" of the voice. In this master class Ditte and Nini will impart five days of work, immersing us in new vocal and physical experiences of the "actor" inspired by the pedagogies of these two artists and their common root of work in Poland. It will be an honor for them to share the workspace and experience with the participants of this unique workshop.

At the end of the work session there will be an open presentation entitled How does it sound in me? where Ditte and Nini will share their trajectories and artistic questions in the field of voice and music.

Practical information:

For whom: Professional actors and performers interested in exploring and expand their vocal expressive possibilities.

Dates and hours: 25.06-29.06, 10: 00-14: 30

Clothes: Both the practice of vocal work taught by Ditte Berkeley and the work directed by Nini Julia Bang will include physical exercises and work in contact with the ground. For this reason it is necessary that participants wear comfortable clothes that does not limit their movement.

Language: The work will be taught in Spanish and English.

Price: AISGE and AADP members: 80 euro / Institut de Teatre: 100 euro / Non-members: 110 euro

Application: Please send an email with your CV and photograph to
Ditte Berkeley (DK / UK)
The Grotowski Institute and Teatr ZAR (PL).

Raised in Barcelona, ​​she graduated in Interpretation at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London in 2001. Since then she has been an actress and co-creator at the theater company resident at the Grotowski Institute, Teatr ZAR, based in Wroclaw, Poland. She performs in all the performances of Teatr ZAR and has participated in numerous expeditions since the company was founded. 

She performed in the international project "Unfinished Palace, Moving People, Floating Borders / European Songlines", directed by Stephan Stroux, as part of the Capital of Culture 2016 in Wroclaw.

In addition to being a film and theater actress at the she has been a pedagogue in the field of voice at the Grotowski Institute since 2006 and has participated in the vocal research line of the BodyConstitution program. Since 2017 she has been giving voice sessions entitled "Voicycles - A Rite of Voice" at the IG aimed at people who do not work in the field of theater. Leader of a weekly voice laboratory with children entitled "Moj Wielki Glos" in collaboration with other vocal artists in Wroclaw. Mainly, she teaches her independent workshop "Voice Tale (Speaking Song)" in theater academies, Universities and theatre and dance festivals around the world. She was the initiator and artistic director of the cyclic Festival VoicEncounters of Wroclaw. In 2009 she was co-organizing the special edition of the international festival "Giving Voice", in collaboration with CPR (Wales).
She is the mother of Anouk and Ilya;)

Nini Julia Bang (DK)

Nini is a freelance performer, singer and musician living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2006 she has been an actress and singer of the acclaimed theater company Teatr ZAR, the resident theatre company of the Grotowski Institute. She performs in all three parts of Teatr ZAR’s Triptych, where has been instrumental in creating the last two parts, Caesarean Section and Anhelli. The Calling.

Nini premiered her first solo performance A Thousand Tongues as a part of the 2016 Theatre Olympics in Wroclaw, Poland. The performance is directed by Samantha Shay and co-produced by Source Material Collective.
Nini is a performer, traditional music curator and singer in the performance ‘of Light’ (Reykjavik 2016) directed by Samantha Shay. The performance attracted the attention of world-renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic and Björk.

Nini has extensive knowledge in the field of vocal world music. Her deep interest in the human voice has led her on several expeditions to India, Tuva, Iceland, Corsica and Georgia. She holds a Bachelor in World Music, focused on Persian Singing, from the Music Academy of Malmö, Sweden, and is the founder and leader of the World Choir in Copenhagen.

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