Liz Aggiss presents....SLAP & TICKLE

18 May 2018
Southbank Centre
"Come on everybody! Let’s have a party!...."


Liz Aggiss presents....


Friday 18th May 8pm
Purcell Room - Southbank Centre
As part of (B)old Festival

"Come on everybody! Let’s have a party!...."

Maverick, anarchic, indomitable and fearless: all words that have been used to describe performance artist Liz Aggiss. Born in an era when children were seen and not heard, Liz never had a clue what she wanted to do. She just knew she wanted to be seen and heard. Slap and Tickle is a dark and ribald physical commentary on cultural mores and sexual taboos: a disorientating display of interpretations and contradictions about women, girls, mothers, bitches and senior citizens. Beating a path through the personal and historical, Aggiss creates a feminist soup that lurches from spoken word to expressionist movement, from music hall to radio nostalgia, from costume change to prop manipulation. 
Supported by Arts Council of England, South East Dance, Dance4 and University of Bath

“If you want to see something more challenging and outrageous, then Liz Aggiss’s Slap and Tickle is a far more pointed and bawdily funny exploration of what it means to refuse to act your age.” 
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
“Ultimately, this is a show about female visibility and self-determination. A fabulously funky show that on the 40th anniversary of punk reminds us that perhaps the best feminist rallying cry of all time was Oh Bondage, Up Yours. There’s a place for calm, rational argument – but this isn’t that place. This is a brash and blowsy women’s room with obscenities scrawled on the mirrors in red lipstick, discarded knickers on the floor, and a virtual strap-on waiting to be harnessed.”  
Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre
“spectacularly devoid of ordinariness or political correctness”. Niki McWilliams, theatre bubble
“The hilarious tickle never undermines the serious slap in this solo – sheer brilliance.” 
Mary Brennan The Herald

“With the spit of punk and the polish of ballet, Liz Aggiss transformed into a singular provocateur 
Lorna Irvine Exeunt Magazine

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Southbank Centre
Belverdere Road, London, SE1 8XX 
Friday 18th May 2018 
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(B)old is a new festival profiling artists aged 65 years and over, who are established in their practise and recognised nationally or internationally for their work. (B)old celebrates great artists who stand the test of time, and who don't shy away from the issues facing them. In industries that often celebrate and cater to the young, when are you truly 'in your prime'? What impact has age had on your artistic practice, and how do you stay relevant? 

Liz Aggiss will also be forming part of the 
Prime panel discussion to dissect the idea of an optimal age at 1pm on Sat 19th May

With changes in health, medicine, work and society, what exactly does it mean to be in your ‘prime’?

Is the idea itself just a fetishisation of youth? Is creativity a function of youth and naivety or time and experience?

A panel discuss ideas around physical, mental and creative peaks, highlighting and celebrating the work of older people in arts and society while also interrogating the effects of life expectancy.

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