importing the users from the mailing list

I installed the user import module (i set the permission to import only for admin as i think this is going to be done only once).

I made a test-import with a file containing only e-mail addresses, wich is what mailman allows me to export.

* problem: nonsense user names are made up wich is not very inviting for the new members. If the servus people can export us a list of the users with more details maybe that could work.

* good thing : e-mails from users already existing are ignored

* the newly inscribed user did receive an e-mail with a text i set up in the import process. but login and password are not included. we should prepare a good welcome text with:

** explanation how to obtain your login data.

** present the new page



great! it's a good start :)

username problem: i could probably export all of the email addresses from the existing list & then manually add a username, however this would take a while (there are something like 1300). but at the moment, short of inviting them to log in & change their username themselves, i can't think of an idea that would generate sensisble usernames ...

i will prepare a welcome message. it should definitely include log-in details.