Book is a Book is a Book

9 June 2023 to 11 June 2023
CSS, Udine

In June Trickster-p is back in Italy, this time in Udine, hosted for the first time by the CSS, where we will present Book is a Book is a Book, an immersive theatre installation whose centre is this book-object itself and which invites the audience to travel between the pages for an experience that allows one to be projected elsewhere expanding the perceptual sphere.

[...] A game of the world, among maps, images, sensations, sudden connections between unexpected things. One flips through the book, listens to the story that reaches the ear as if reaching from afar along with sounds that recall the images in a mirror between the senses, and embarks on a journey whose outcome is different for each person. Il Pickwick (Italy)

Book is a book is a book, Trickster-p

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