24 February 2022 to 27 February 2022

From 24 to 27 February in Belgrade, we present the second edition of the Festival which is designed as a platform for generating and promoting ideas that push to the forefront and put in a meaningful relationship arts and human rights.

The Program includes workshops, installations, live performances, concerts, talks, the Conference Art and Culture in Affirming Human Rights, a film premiere, book promotion. Participants are coming from Spain, Israel, Montenegro, Belgium, Brazil, Kosovo, Ireland and Serbia.

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Arts and Human Rights Festival 2022The Festival starts on and is designed as a platform for launching and presenting ideas and concepts that highlight and connect art and human rights, advocate for respect for human rights, the rights of all living beings and the development of that idea. in Serbia.

This year’s edition is entitled “Art in Action” with the aim of encouraging and empowering citizens to take an active role in change in their communities, to connect artists and human rights defenders with each other and with the wider community. The festival includes individuals and organizations that work on the international scene and in our country, communicates with citizens, revives communities and connects differences.

The program includes workshops, installations, plays, concerts, talks, a conference “Art and Culture in the Affirmation of Human Rights”, a film premiere and book promotions.

Participants of the festival come to Belgrade from Spain, Israel, Montenegro, Kosovo, Ireland and Serbia, and artists from Iran, Belgium and Brazil will join us online and present their work.

The program will be held live at several locations in Belgrade: UK Parobrod, N.EON Gallery, Dorcol Platz, Mestašce, Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, CROCODILE and the National Theater in Belgrade with all health measures and the allowed number of gatherings.


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