Question Layout

I would like to use the right column more... I think it does not make sense to use it only in the group zone. We should imply it in the layout and make more use of it instead of making the left hand column longer and longer.

  • I think the search box should be more ot the top
  • we need a language switcher
  • do we need a "home" button?



that yes the search thingy should be higher up, but I think that the logo with Magdalena Project functions well as a home button so we don't need a home button.

What is a language switcher - seriously, I don't know. But I want to know.

the australians have also suggested that the search could be higher up, so let's do it. & i agree with miff that a home button isn't necessary when the logo functions as a link back to the home page.

i integrated the search into the menu, between connect and donate. would that be ok for you? search form are not easy to style, look different in evey browser. so this is a more homegenic solution to fit the site's design.

actually i quite like being able to search on every page, with the simple search box, rather than have to go to a separate search page (unless i want to do an advanced search).

would it work to have both? a search box under the navigation but also a search page for the advanced search?

yes ... but ... the problem with using both sides for navigation is that it makes the content area very narrow. this isn't a problem on pages that don't have so much content, but where there are images for example, it means that the images need to be quite small if they're going to be inline with text. & where there are comments, we're going to run into the issue of the ever-decreasing width of the comment.

personally if it were me, i'd make the whole thing wider, & just have a very small dark blue strip on either side, because that's just wasted space. but then we'd also need to think about whether the total width is fixed or not, because some people do still have small monitors or windows.