priorities for agnez

Big things:

  • what do we need to know to do the mailman import from the old list to the new list? OR can we simply switch to the existing servus mailman magdalena list & have it import all of these as users? in which case i should make a special message to be sent out to them.

  • calendar: pop-up menu text is still missing; plus we need to work out the english/spanish thing better. currently the only events showing on the spanish version are those events that actually have a spanish translation; we want all events to show on both calendars, but where there is a spanish version that should be the default on the spanish calendar, & english (or other language) on the english calendar. if this isn't possible, then i think we have to just have an english calendar, & only show the spanish version on the calendar if it is the only one. this seems a bit clumsy & we do get a lot of announcements that are only in spanish, but i don't know how else to make it work. any other ideas? no response from the drupal comunityt :(  Helen has disabled the calendar pop-up module until further notice
  • Australia group: i've told them that if we don't hear from them by sunday then it's going to look like this for the launch ...

  • Images, galleries & slideshow: there are quite a few things in this area, already listed on the To Do & List of things. e.g.:
    - slideshow: if you click on a thumbnail, you get a "page not found"; this should either be fixed to go to that image node, or not be a link. there are other things that need to be fixed about the slideshow if you have time (see the list of things) but this one is the most important as we don't want "page not found" for the launch. I deactivated the thumbnails under the slideshow, as there was also the problem when there are too many thumbs. this need ssome further searching, I think deactivating is the cleanest solution for the launch Helen agrees
    - remove option to put image into a gallery, for basic authenticated user
    - fix problem with 2 images being inserted
    - add image pop-up: ideally should close itself after an image is inserted; also it would be great if the dropdown menu included the image galleries, so that there is more filtering possible when you're trying to find a particular image.

Small things to tidy up:

  • events appearing twice (legacy & challenge, after adding logos; lu's event)
  • maintaining 2nd level LH navigation on pages e.g. news, members, calendar, blogs, groups, events (in english & spanish) this should work with the solution described in the documentation under 'menu'. it does not work for third level unfortunately great - got it now :)
  • need links to edit text on pages e.g. members, calendar in both english & spanish (e.g. spanish version of members page has menu item miembras but page title is still members) translation of the interface needs to be done here: Site building / Translate interface. i think the way it works is easy to understand: go to 'search' and fill in the string you wish to translate. find the string and click 'edit'. fill in the spanish text
  • interface for member search - needs tidying up looks a bit better but not finished. search by Practice is not working yet
  • registration page: move groups & mailing lists to the end sorry, not possible. maybe with an extra module, but that needs some research (do we actually need mailing lists? since ppl are automatically joined we should not give them the option not to join; maybe there will be other mailing lists they could opt in for, but we don't want them to opt-out of the main one you have to finetune that in the mailing list's settings at site configuration / user mailman register. there you can make a list mandatory and prevent unsubscription, but that might be a little dictatorial).



when i am logged out, or logged in as test-auth, test-active or test-orga & go to the australia section, i see a mix of the australia & main site themes. maybe you are working on it at the moment ag?