Wind Rose

new performance from Teatret OM


Our new performance “Wind Rose” a co-production with Naturkraft, will premiere at Naturkraft today. Naturkraft is a quite new exploration park here in our neighborhood in Ringkøbing, which will be officially opened by the Danish Crown Princess, Mary, today June 12. We are very honored that Naturkraft asked us to make a performance about wind and it has been a pleasure working together with Naturkraft.

Naturkraft will be the biggest attraction in our area. In Naturkraft kids and adults will play with and learn about nature’s fascinating forces, make experiments, feel the storm from west and a silent breeze. They will get a chance to explore 8 different types of nature and learn about how man affected nature through time and vice versa. All exhibitions and experiments are based on natural and cultural historical knowledge and the whole park will try to inspire people to a more sustainable behaviour.

Glimpse from our performance “Windrose”

A wind collector and his assistant travel around the world in their mobile wind laboratory collecting wind. Now they have come to Ringkøbing, the perfect place to capture the west wind.

A performance almost without words but with a lot music and mimic gestures, the two cartoon-like characters present the wind that we cannot live without.

"Wind Rose" by Teatret OM, 2020

Actresses: Jori Snell and Annemarie Waagepetersen

Direction: Sandra Pasini

Scenography, props and costumes: Antonella Diana

"Wuind Rose" by Teatret OM, 2020