WIDE+ invites exchange and collaboration

international feminist network

Interested in exchanging or collaborating with women* in an international feminist network based in Europe?

WIDE+ would like to invite you to get in touch with us to explore possible ways to exchange or collaborate.

A little blurb about WIDE+: it is a European network of feminist activists, scholars, and women’s rights organisations as well as development organizations across Europe. It promotes women’s rights by analyzing the systemic causes of inequality and advocating for transformative change. WIDE+ comes from a longstanding collaboration between feminists in the global South, feminist economists and more recently, self-organized migrant activists and groups. It’s feminism is strongly embedded in an intersectional and anti-neo-liberal point of view.

WIDE+ members want to exchange with artists and groups in order to discover possible common interests to work together. As a network we would like broaden our activism with other forms of expression, art, and activism, as most of our activities offer a lot in terms of deepening feminist issues and creating solidarity but little in theatre. We have a few members with experience in theatre. Most of our members can offer other strengths for a collaboration.

We can offer a massive amount of reflection and analysis on feminist topics, a determination to make visible our voice, and a keenness to learn from artists in the Magdalena project. We could also create links between national organizations in different countries. Our activities such as webinars are freely accessible, and we can disseminate information about your events into our network.

We would like to know in particular if there are groups and artists interested to work with migrant women organizations and individuals (including refugee, undocumented, etc.). We have at the moment members in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and Serbia and will add more members to our group year. Maybe our experiences and feminist passion is attractive for artists that want to translate feminist concepts and the voices from migrant women into art.

If this interests you, feel encouraged to reach out or the network coordinator (Gea Meijers) to get to know each other further, info@wide-network.org, 0031 646461075, www.wideplus.org.