Part II of The Living Presence Series - Double Edge and Ohketeau

13 September 2020
Online - Howlround
13:00 - 15:00
A Native Community Conversation Regarding Mascots, Imagery, and Cultural Appropriation.



September 13, Sunday 1-3 pm

Part II of The Living Presence Series: A Native Community Conversation Regarding Mascots, Imagery, and Cultural Appropriation. Series co-presented by Ohketeau, A Space for Indigenous Culture, and Double Edge Theatre

Contact: Rhonda Anderson, Ohketeau Council Co-Director

or Cariel Klein


In Part I of The Living Presence of Our History, we discussed the meaningful history of place. We need to understand this history, as well as the continued presence of Native people in Western Massachusetts. Throughout that discussion, we identified a need for further conversation and education on issues faced by Native communities today. Right now there are several bills in the MA legislature concerning Native identity and cultural appropriation. Please tune in to Part II and listen to this incredible panel of 10, consisting of Indigenous community members, leaders, and scholars who will discuss issues associated with Native identity, health, and rights on September 13, 1-3 pm.

We will be live streaming the event via Howlround. As in the first event, in-person attendance is very limited due to COVID health restrictions. Please visit both Ohketeau and Double Edge's websites for more information about collaborative public events.




Ohketeau allows for the opportunity for interdisciplinary education through cultural workshops, dance, music, art, indoor and outdoor activities that allows participants the opportunity to fully express their talents.

At Ohketeau we believe teaching and learning is a relationship of reciprocity. The interaction with teacher and participant will be one that recognizes each other's abilities while also exploring new ways to express our culture.

In addition, our mission is to provide a safe, rewarding and enriching experience for the Indigenous community of the region.




an art / community / ltural cllective

Our Vision is to prioritize imagination in times of creative, emotional spiritual, and political uncertainty.
Our Mission is a journey that holds space for authenticity, interaction, identity for whoever is seeking creative, emotional, spiritual, and political clarity.
Our Art (performance / visual / multi-media) is grounded in a rigorous ensemble aesthetic unfolded in dream, imagery, metaphor, mystery, and symbolism.

Our Work (cultural / economic / organizational / personal / political) is created and sustained within an open, honest, meaningful, relevant shared experience. We call this ‘Living Culture.’
Our Dedication
 is to face isolation and erasure; to face despair and pain that can translate into personal incapacity and political paralysis. To uplift. We call this ‘Art Justice.’




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