Pantheatre Professional Workshop

Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre
21 October 2019 to 15 November 2019
STUDIO DTM Paris 11e
Voice: Extended Registers (Roy Hart)
Singing and Interpretation
Voice Performance
Choreographic Theatre & Texts
End of course presentations & concert 
Direction Linda Wise & Enrique Pardo

With Pierre-François Blanchard (piano), Daniela Garcia (voice and movement), Didier Monge (polyphonies), and other collaborators.

International workshop exploring the possibilities of vocal expression in singing, acting and choreographic theatre.

Voice performance is based on two principles: technical finesse and expressive risk.

Participation is more a question of personality, quality of listening and open-mindedness than technical know-how (musical, theatrical, dance) which is also very welcome.

The work seeks to bring out personal 'genius' - musicality and temperament - as well as the pertinence (or impertinence) of what one has to say, by voice, speech, song, scream, or their synthesis in a choreographic theater.

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