Ortoteatro and Porto Arlecchino on tour

5 September 2020
Park Villa Banfi, via C.A. Dalla Chiesa, Carnate (LC),Italy
The colorful and turbulent world of the characters of the Commedia dell'Arte as no one has ever told it!
    Ortoteatro and Porto Arlecchino
  on tour in Carnate (LC) Lombardia (Italy)
    Saturday, September 5, 2020 - begins at 6:30 pm
Park Villa Banfi, via C.A. Dalla Chiesa, Carnate (LC) - Italy
in case of rain: Spazio Opera De Andrè, via Matteotti, Osnago (LC) - Italy 
Within the festival:
"L'ultima luna d'estate" - 2020 edition
organized by Teatro Invito di Lecco
Show dedicated to the Commedia dell'Arte
(The Inhabitants of Arlecchinia)
Favole didattiche sull'arte dell'attore dal 1991 a oggi
(Didactic fables on the art of the actor from 1991 to present day)
by and with Claudia Contin Arlecchino
music by Luca Fantinutti
"The Inhabitants of Arlecchinia" is a fabulous, fascinating and ever-new tale. Many viewers choose to attend several times. Below the appearances of a funny conference, there is a fascinating spectacle that never dies, with the taste of a curious and amusing scientific demonstration. To put it on stage is the generosity, strength and the fineness of an extraordinary interpreter: Claudia Contin Arlecchino." (Benvenuto Cuminetti - Trento 2015).

The colorful and turbulent world of the characters of the Commedia dell'Arte (and perhaps of life) as no one has ever told it, increasingly imitated but never achieved, based as it is on the originality of an exclusive intuition. Conducted with precision and abundance of historical and iconographic information, this fairy-tale-show-demonstration constitutes a moment of amusing yet deep cultural and anthropological acquisition. A journey through the secrets of the work of an actor and at the same time a reconnaissance of the "drawings" of the bodies, of the gestures and intentions of the main masks of the Classical Commedia dell'Arte: each character a physical mask, each mask a series of postures and movements, rhythms and behaviours, or rather a particular contraction and expansion of the body until it becomes the visible expression of archetypal characters. In this spoken and acted sarabande, rhythmically marked by the "dance" of the masks, it is possible to meet the history and life of the various characters: the Zanni concrete and ingenious servants; an Old Pantalone movingly stingy, acid and tragicomic; a Doctor spurting, captivating, "genuinely" ignorant; a fresh snappy serving Wench, twittering and wagging; the hysterical and swooning Amorosi; the arrogant and fragile Captains of fortune and so on... to end of course with Him, Harlequin, the indomitable living puppet of all colors, rebel goblin and lively jester, who gives birth around his crackling perpetual motion to all of this extraordinary upside-down city...

Info and reservations: Teatro Invito
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Porto Arlecchino
Study of Theater Art and Craft
of Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Luca Fantinutti
mobile: +39.340.3739958 - +39.342.1675465
address: Via Meduna 61 - 33170 Pordenone PN Italy


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