Nekyia: Descent to the Underworld

Myth and Theater Festival, Pantheater
19 June 2018 to 1 July 2018
Malerargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France
13 days of laboratories, classes, lectures, performances and outings with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise.

Myth and Theatre Festival



Descent to the Underworld


June 19 to July 1st 2018

Malerargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France


13 days of laboratories, classes, and evenings lectures, performances and outings..


Directors. Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise


in collaboration with

Roy Hart International Artistic Centre

La Mairie de Lasalle

Univ. of Central Lancashire UK

School of Film, Media & Performance.

The members of the Paris Choreographic Theatre Laboratory


Anna Griève, Maria Fernandez, Amy Rome, Daniela Molina, Pierre François Blanchard, and invited performing artists and musicians.


Nekyia is the Greek word for descent, and specifically for the descent into hell, into the pagan hell, the Kingdom of Hades, the abode of the dead.


James Hillman, in The Dream and the Underworld, says the Nekyia takes place along a two-way road whose traffic is all the more intense since, according to him, dreams are assembled in hell and take the same royal road as the dead do.


Each dream brings together a cast of ghosts, ancestral ones or phantom replicas of the living, often of the dreamer himself.

Permission is granted them to visit us, the so-called living, usually at night, when the gates of hell open.  


There are, in fact, two gates to hell: one of horn, supposed to be that of "true" dreams, and one of ivory, supposedly of "false" dreams. It is this double-door chamber that intrigued me the most in the Nekyia: the idea of a place, a ghostly agora, a theater where true dreams and counterfeits mingle, barter, make deals, exchange ideas and scenarios, or steal them, while plotting connections and one-night-stands.


A transit airlock, a caravanserai for night travelers. The double-crossing gates of the dream factory.  Read full EDITORIAL 




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