Karolina Spaic receives Dutch honour

Congratulations to theatre-maker Karolina Spaic, who has been appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands.

"What does Karolina Spaić not do? She directs, coaches, advises, teaches and writes. In 1991 she founded the ZID Theater, which under her leadership grew into a thriving organization in the Kolenkit neighborhood. She makes performances and presentations with a group of volunteers, "neighborhood actors"." This is how theatre-maker Karolina Spaic is described in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool, announcing the annual honours.

Karolina writes, "how wonderful that my years of work as a theatre maker with the ZID Theater is recognised in this way. I'm so surprised and thankful this happened. In this difficult time it is an extra support that the meaning and importance of art close to the people is noticed. Thank you, I proudly carry this award my whole life!"

Congratulations to Karolina and Zid Theater!

Karolina Spaic appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau