Guerrilla Girls Exhibition

4 September 2021 to 9 October 2021
mfc-michèle didier, Paris
For the second time, the Guerrilla Girls will occupy the space of mfc-michèle didier in Paris

Since 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have been denouncing a series of behaviours that take place in the art world and which concern sexist and racial discrimination, as well as a series of practices tied to corruption and more generally to politics.

The Guerrilla Girls will be showing at mfc-michèle didier their latest filmed actions, along with their related posters.

The complete set entitled, “Guerrilla Girls Forever: Poster Suite 2017-2021,” includes the following twelve posters:

  • Guerilla Girls posterAs mulheres precisam estar nuas para entrar no Museu de Arte de São Paulo?, 2017
  • Las Mujeres Artistas en Ecuador están en la lona, 2017
  • Dear Boss, No Wonder You Don’t Pay Us a Living Wage, 2018
  • If You Keep Women Out They Get Resentful, 2018
  • Nach 96 jahren entdeckt die Kestner künstlerinnen!, 2018
  • 3 Ways to Write a Wall Label When the Artist Is a Sexual Predator, 2018
  • Don’t Stereotype Me, Malayalam, 2018
  • Guerrilla Girls’ Code of Ethics for Art Museums Monument, 2019
  • MoMA Loves DaDA Not MaMA, 2019
  • Jeffrey Epstein, Leon Black and MoMA, 2019
  • Hollywood Is Still Worse Than the U.S. Senate, 2019
  • Are there more Naked Women than Women Artists in Art Museums, 2021

"Your assignment is to think of something you really want to complain about. Then, communicate your message in a unique, creative way.” – Kathe Kollwitz and Frida Kahlo

The Guerrilla Girls will also activate, for the first time in France, a Complaints Department which they have translated as Département des plaintes, Bienvenue à Toutes et à Tous. The Département des plaintes is a device designed to collect complaints and protests in a free and anonymous manner.

The public is invited to write down their grievances on paper and post them on the gallery walls. Rather than confining themselves to their own claims and observations, the Guerrilla Girls leave room here for the construction of a collective protest space. All the data collected will then be archived and processed by the Guerrilla Girls.

From September 4th to October 9th 2021, don't hesitate to come and complain under the banner named Département des plaintes.

Please visit the following website for our press release:

Thank you.

Departement des Plaintes

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