Fit to Burst presents 'Last night I met you dreaming'

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Fit to Burst CIC

Fit to Burst is a dynamic new theatre company that makes magical performances with heart for everyone. We create visually exciting and moving devised theatre, innovative participatory projects and surprising theatrical events.

We are making our first show 'Last night I met you dreaming' and are looking for investors and venues to support it's development. For more information please see below.


Last night I met you dreaming

“What is truer than truth? Answer – the story”
Isabel Allende

In a mechanical city an ambitious journalist has forgotten how to feel. Writing about Latin America and disconnected from her subject, herself and from nature she begins to have visions. Under the surface her office is alive, a living breathing world hidden within her filing cabinets. One night they swallow her up, carrying her away into a dreamscape. Here she meets Eva the teller of tales who leads her on a journey of self-discovery and magic.

Inspired by Isabelle Allende’s novel ‘Eva Luna’, ‘Last night I met you dreaming’ combines physical theatre, live music and puppetry with narrative depth; weaving a tale of passion and connection.

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