12 January 2023 to 13 January 2023
GO GO GO Festival, Geneva

Combining performance, installation and game design, Eutopia calls into question outmoded biological, ecological and anthropological models to transform the theatre into a big action table. Around it, spectators are invited to a participatory experience whose results, always different, are the outcome of their own individual contributions. Collective action, as fundamental as it is ephemeral, is used as instrument to delineate possible worlds that host narratives and visions in which the human and the non-human intertwine – to then recompose a jagged geography of multispecies landscapes in continuous transformation.

[...] An opportunity for unmissable experience. Five small groups of spectators each around a table must (or rather: can't help but) work together so that all the elements and interactions that give life to the habitat-world are as in balance as possible, and thus produce sustainable conditions for life for all the entities and forces involved. A concrete practice of care. Shifting from «for myself» to «for us all». Gagarin Magazine (Italy)

Genre: participatory theatre
Duration: 100'
Languages: available in English, French, German and Italian

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Trickster-p - Eutopia | Teaser 2 from Giulia Lenzi on Vimeo.


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