6 Feet Apart, All Together

22 July 2020 to 9 August 2020
Double Edge Theatre, Ashfield, MA
DOUBLE EDGE THEATRE presents an Outdoor Traveling Summer Spectacle for the time of COVID-19

Amidst the deeply painful issues of our time, we at Double Edge believe that our mission and values of Art plus Living Culture plus Art Justice is ever more vital to creating the future in which we want to live. We offer a sanctuary of the imagination in which we can move through these times 6 feet apart and ALL TOGETHER.

6 Feet Apart, Double Edge Theatre 2020

(Ashfield, MA) Double Edge Theatre is dreaming and planning 6 FEET APART, ALL TOGETHER, a Summer Spectacle for the time of COVID-19. The spectacle is inspired by and draws from the rich history and favorite moments of past performances, as well as looking toward a future including an ode to nature and our living culture. The entire main site of DE's Farm will allow for limited audiences to spread out on a reflective and invigorating walk through scenes in the air, in the labyrinth, by the stream, in the arbor, and in the garden. Visitors will interact with the land, visual installation, and scenes from the past, as well as a look towards what we want to create together for the future. 6 FEET APART, ALL TOGETHER will be performed in rounds to allow for small groups of people.

6 Feet Apart, Double Edge Theatre 2020

Double Edge Founder and Artistic Director Stacy Klein shared thoughts on the impulse to create and offer a Summer Spectacle now, in the time of COVID-19:

“Amidst the difficult and heart-wrenching news relating to the effects of COVID-19 on our way of life, and the disheartening lack of ethical leadership guiding us, it feels necessary to acknowledge those who are stepping up and showing the spirit of Community which can re-define and re-direct our course. We have seen that even in disaster, the people in our constellation are ethical, sensitive, and creative.  

With excitement and trepidation, we are working on a ‘physically distant, socially together’ Summer Spectacle— one that will have small groups of people wander through the beauty and serenity of the farm, with artwork and the environment combined with small scenic elements and storytelling by the ensemble.

We see that it is possible to move though these times 6 feet apart and ALL TOGETHER. We are moved and humbled by the many, many examples of those around us, and by the spirit we find in each other.”

6 Feet Apart, Double Edge Theatre 20206 FEET APART, ALL TOGETHER

July 22 - August 9
July: Weds-Sun at 8pm;
August: Weds-Sun at 7:30pm;
Saturday matinees at 1pm Tickets available at doubleedgetheatre.org

For information please call our office at 413.628.0277

To make this project possible, we are raising funds to develop the outdoor areas of our Farm and we are fortunate to have a dollar-to-dollar match from Mass Development’s Commonwealth Places program. All of these developments will be completed with an eye toward sustainability and the use of local materials and plants.

Learn more about our campaign here: https://www.patronicity.com/project/a_center_of_living_art#!/