6 aprile 2012, L'Aquila

'thinking to the city and its culture'

"I chose to speak of L'Aquila, today, through a passage from Valico di città/ Crossing the city my project of writing mestizo between photography / theater / video I share with Camilla Inverardi from L'Aquila."

Dear city,
today many will remember you and will talk about you, almost to rebuild the walls around your new roads, homes, support. It is for me to follow this step by far, I'm swinging, rocking thoughts far, far away from here, far away, far away from me.... Rocker, between what was and what will be, as a child waiting in disciplined silence. Rocker, perched in my 18 years too bulky to swing childhood, and I look towards my new home, Assergi, dormitory and district branch of my city.

Assergi, L'Aquila, ItalyAssergi, L'Aquila, Italy

In Valico di città/ Crossing the city the pass of graphic texts and photographs are the result of a work started a year ago, after seeing the true city, after the experience of silence and dust, following my desire and need to photograph the city in its most intimate body: home interiors, the interiority of people.
My '
photograph' wanted to receive different meanings, and had to do with different languages​​, modifying borders of photojournalism sometimes completely eliminating up to the image.
So I began a work in progress for a theatrical narrative, photographs and videos that I'm presenting in different contexts, but do not consider it finished yet.
Today the thing that surprises me is that after my trip to L'Aquila, whatever does not take photos with my camera continues to emerge strongly from my memory, as if I myself were a sensitive film retaining a latent image from which born every time a new writing, of light and shadows.

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