2020 Made in QuaranTime

a Message from Porto Arlecchino


Dear friends, a video message (in italian) for you:

A wish to the worlds of theatre and entertainment that are wondering about the tricky point of transition between before and after the 2020 pandemic. A fair message in a bottle, thrown from a raft-island, from a wandering dock, from a Jester's ship. A passage through the "deep-gate" between the public and private "dimension" of the Tumbler. A thought on the role of the Counselor Buffoon on the sense of the masked face among Theatrical Mask and Surgical Mask, on the "slowness of light" between Comedy and Tragedy of Art.

or at the technical link:


Porto Arlecchino
Study of Theater Art and Craft
of Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Luca Fantinutti
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