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A brief personal reflection to remember Margaret Cameron and to mark the end of the 49 days of the Buddhist bardo. 


One day I will write here about Margaret Cameron and the impact of her practice, our dialogue and our friendship on my professional life and personal history.



“A five day workshop based on exploring the building of space around our work, embracing the power of stillness, quietness and presence, and uttering a language born of listening.”


Calling Artists for a women in performance event, whatever

Thursday morning as I was arriving home from Transit 7 (an international festival of women in contemporary theatre curated by Odin Teatret actress Julia Varley), Margi Brown Ash was attending the Brisbane Festival launch at the Brisbane Powerhouse. An impressive program it would seem, but something is amiss, as she describes here in her blog.

7 Jun.     There is much to say about the exchanges and performances today. I will try to say more in the morning but I have just come from a performance by German actress Gilla Cremer. A shocking story told by an exquisite actress. In this 75-minute performance she does not move for the first 30 minutes at least.



Performance Retreat led by Dr Dawn Albinger from Ladyfinger

August 14 – 18, 2013


Taken from my fb updates, a snapshot of the Festival so far...


May 31. Memoria. Achingly beautiful performance.


Magdalena Afternoon Tea Blog


I thought I’d write a short blog for those who were interested but unable to attend today’s Magdalena@25 afternoon tea at my place. This is by no means a comprehensive description of the conversation that took place, but if you were one of the women who just couldn’t be there today, here’s a taste of the ground covered:





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