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Con mucho gusto te hacemos saber que ya está en línea el nuevo número de la revista Conjunto, 194-195 (doble y sólo en formato digital, por el momento).

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Por una declaración de emergencia para la escena latinoamericana y caribeña: Mensaje de la revista Conjunto de la Casa de las Américas
EP Release

Helen Chadwick, Victoria Couper and Barbara Gellhorn announce the release of their new EP, featuring six songs.

Dear Giving Voice Festival Friends - performers, scholars, teachers, directors and participants, whether you came as an individual or as part of an ensemble:

Volume 26, No. 4, Performance Research (June 2021)


Issue Editors
Helena Grehan (Murdoch University) and Peter Eckersall (The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY))

Proposal deadline: 31 July 2020

The year 2020 should be seen as the year when human history dissolved—not because human beings disappear from planet Earth, but because planet Earth, tired of their arrogance, launched a micro-campaign to destroy their Will zur Macht (Will to power).

We are going to discuss THEATER: difficulties and overcoming of barriers in the time of lock down. LIVE from Belarus!

Sviatlana HAIDALIONAK, actress of Kryly Khalopa theatre gives interview to Eugenia Galazzo from Interdisciplinary Research Foundation about theatre in Belarus and about activity of KX Space during the pandemic.

new performance from Teatret OM


Our new performance “Wind Rose” a co-production with Naturkraft, will premiere at Naturkraft today. Naturkraft is a quite new exploration park here in our neighborhood in Ringkøbing, which will be officially opened by the Danish Crown Princess, Mary, today June 12. We are very honored that Naturkraft asked us to make a performance about wind and it has been a pleasure working together with Naturkraft.

George, Breonna, Ahmaud, Sandra, Tamir, Eric, Philando, Michael, Tanisha...


Con la Fase 1 volvemos a abrir puertas

Para  el actor/ actriz -bailarín/ bailarina:
- Entrenamiento individual de teatro físico, presencia escénicas, teatro danza, voz y canto, acrobacia para actores, cuerpo elástico, según necesidades y experiencia.

Viviana BovinoPara el director/directora y el actor/ actriz -bailarín/ bailarina
- Creación y dirección de material escénicos

Voix de Femmes

Comme beaucoup, nous avons dû nous poser la question : comment remplir au mieux nos missions par temps de pandémie?
Nous avons trouvé plusieurs pistes de réponses. En voici une dont nous ne sommes pas peu fières : cette année, dans le cadre de notre programme d'accompagnement artistique annuel, nous soutiendrons deux projets au lieu d'un.