Support Bond Street Theatre's Afghan Artists

We are inexpressibly grateful for your support thus far - and we are overjoyed to report that one of our Afghan Bond Street Theatre artists is finally safe in Doha with her three children. 

However, the fight is not over! We and our extended Bond Street Theatre team have been working tirelessly to get our colleagues out of Afghanistan and to safety - focusing immediately on women, media people, activists, and the Hazaras who are most vulnerable. We are fervently committed to ensuring the safety of three women who have led Bond Street Theatre’s efforts in Afghanistan with superb skill, and who have upheld the vision of the company from our Kabul-based office for the past 10 years.

For their safety, their names cannot be mentioned, but these women were integral to the success of two of our most highly regarded projects within the past 4 decades. Firstly, the Voter Education & Fraud Mitigation Project from 2013-2014 presented 285 performances in 6 provinces and reached more than 150,000 people. Secondly, the Provincial Youth Leader Mobilization for Peace and Justice, from 2016-2018, brought 375 youth together from 25 provinces to receive leadership, arts, and community service training.

Bond Street Theatre - Afghan Support 2021These women are highly qualified professionals who will be an asset to any country! We are both deeply saddened and infuriated at the lack of access to support for Afghan women. They have valid SIVs, and are on every important list, but we need to maintain hope and continue to push forward to ensure that they can safely leave the country.

Please donate today to help us to get these women out of their beloved country and to safety as soon as possible, the deadline for their lives is fast approaching!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to support Afghan families who have escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs - they are in need of food, diapers, and shoes!

You are an essential part of the solution! Thank you!

With love,
the Bond Street Theatre family