Re-Dreams and IthakaZa

ZID Theater
10 December 2022
ZID Theater, Amsterdam

ZID Theater will open its doors on Saturday, December 10 during Winter Bouw Open, the open day of Broedplaats Bouw. We cordially invite you to see our location performance Re-Dreams. This will be followed by IthakaZa, a vibrant open stage for new and experimental work.

Are you coming? If you want to be sure of getting a place at Re–Dreams, sign up for free: SIGN UP!


ReDreams, ZID Theater 2022Saturday, December 10 | 5:00 PM | ZID Theater, Amsterdam

At 5:00 PM the performance Re-Dreams starts, a location performance that questions the relationship between dreams and reality. Players take visitors on a shared journey through undiscovered dreamscapes of installations, unexpected performances, soundscapes and videos. Dreams about love, passion, fear and the search for your own place in the world are intertwined.

Concept & direction: Karolina Spaic / Co-creation & performers: Sebo Bakker, Naïma Baraka, Nivin Baranbo, Daan Bosch, Joske Daamen, Kim Herman, Eline Ghasemi, Ista Putranto, Claribel Castillo Rodriguez and Issam Zemmouri.

Location: De Bouwput / Broedplaats Bouw - Ferdinand Huyckstraat 74 - Amsterdam.
The entrance to AGA Lab/ZID Theater is around the corner from the building: De Roos van Dekamaweg 1.

Be welcome at Re-Dreams, the entrance is free! The performance starts at 5:00 PM on the ground floor (entrance AGA-Lab)! If you want to be sure of getting a place at Re–Dreams, sign up for free and we will save a spot for you: SIGN UP!



Ithakaza, ZID Theater 2022Saturday, December 10 | 6:30 PM | ZID Theater, Amsterdam

IthakaZa is a dynamic open stage for new and experimental work. A program in which short presentations of various disciplines can be seen: from dance, theatre, spoken word, poetry, music to crossovers. Hosted by William Simonyan.

IthakaZa starts at 6:30 PM, the entrance is free, but we ask visitors to bring a snack! That can be a bag of chips, a pie or a salad, something you want to share with others.

Program IthakaZa:
6:15 PM Walk-in
6:30 PM Ithakaza: open stage for new work
7:30 PM Take a Trip: open stage for professional dancers by Triplet Studio
9:15 PM Aftertalk/drinks in foyer
10:00 PM End

If you want to show your stage talent during IthakaZa, sign up by sending an e-mail to

Location: ZID Theater | De Roos van Dekamaweg 1 | Amsterdam
More info on our website

ZID Theater
De Roos van Dekamaweg 1
1061 HR Amsterdam

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