Physical Theatre show - Moveo Cie

Selected for the Women Playwrights International Conference 2015

Where am I when I'm two?

Sophie Kasser & Nathalie Cecilia

Moveo Cie

The way we tend to accommodate to the most frantic vital rhythms is fascinating. When we stop to look at them or if we put them on stage, which is the same, they seem most unlikely. Time becomes a friend and an enemy at the same time; it limits and gives space to those vital desires that move our legs.

And what happens when in that time one wishes to add up and not to subtract? To add a life to your life. To bring to life another being that depends on your own. To be two ... without giving up being one. The balance between working life and motherhood is one of those rhythms which seem impossible, and perhaps the most surprising one, as we keep touching the heart of a specie’s meaning: survival in reproduction.

This piece puts us upside down to show us what we suppose daily to be 'right '. Thought becomes action, and action moves the body in conflict, but also in humour, passion, esteem, irony ... On stage, a beautiful and fun dialogue articulated with what is most genuine but also most neglected in the daily maelstrom: the body.

Where am I when I'm two? is a physical and musical dialogue that puts on stage the day-to-day maelstrom brought by trying to balance the working life and the desire and realization of motherhood. With humor, passion and irony the quotidian world is multiplied to grab each of the vital seconds that make up a woman’s existence since she becomes two. And the body, which knows so much about desires, contradictions, weight, time, tiredness, pleasure, ... has a lot to say.

Piece commissioned and co-produced by Duoda Investigation Centre – University of Barcelona. The piece has been selected for the Women Playwrights International Conference 2015 in Cape Town.

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