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Amsterdam, 22-30 September 2018

ExploreZ Festival

Theatre, dance, music, and visual arts with social impact in an international perspective

Awards Announced for Theaters Around the World Promoting Gender Equity



Call for Proposals

New solo show by DarahRouge touring Indonesia

New Theater performance by DarahRouge ( Bahasa Indonesia di Bawah)

New solo show by DarahRouge touring Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia di bawah

DarahRouge known for its cutting edge theater that speaks to contemporary issues such as Sewing Marat Sade, Cooking Murder, Bule and Transisin takes on tour a new show, “Blue is the Colour of Love” to Bali, Bandung and Jakarta in June 2018.

Bond St Theater working in Malaysia
Bond Street Theater's work for social justice in global hot spots continues. In February, we returned to Malaysia, a destination for refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Sri Lanka, and other places. Despite harrowing journeys at the hands of traffickers, desperate families seek a safe haven to raise their children. 
new immersive theater piece about Clarice Lispector


Linda Wise (Pantheater) will direct a new immersive theatre piece on the work of one of Brazil’s greatest and most loved writers, Clarice Lispector, with Group BR, New York’s only Brazilian theatre company.

Conceived by Debora Balardini and Andressa Furletti, the work is entitled “Inside the Wild Heart” after Clarice Lispector’s first novel “Near to the Wild Heart”, published when she was only 23 years old.

Deborah Hunt

Deborah Hunt: How do I reflect our times?

Gänsehaut-Moment Hamburgs Top-Kulturpreis als Überraschung