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En el marco del Día internacional de la No violencia contra las Mujeres, la Corporación Colombiana de Teatro, estreno “Mujeres Rompiendo El Silencio”. Acompañando el performance 12 mujeres se raparon la cabeza en forma de protesta.
Teatro físico

¿Dónde estoy cuando soy dos?

9 de diciembre, 20h, Matadepera (España)

Live Art for the 21st Century

PERFORMANCE NOW: Live Art for the 21st-Century
by RoseLee Goldberg
Published by Thames & Hudson 
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Hitting bookshelves today, Tuesday, August 28, this major survey charts the development of live art internationally since the turn of the twenty-first century, revealing how it has become an increasingly essential vehicle for communicating ideas across the globe in the new millennium.

feminist art journal
KT press has released all available articles of the 40 volumes of n.paradoxa online as open access at Readers can now browse and download these PDFs for free. Abstracts are also available.

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal published 500+ articles on contemporary women artists and feminist readings of their work, Jan 1998-July 2017. Print volumes of n.paradoxa remain available for sale. There are special volumes of cyberfeminism, sound art, biopolitics and many other themes.
Staging the Wreckage


Call for Proposals

Vol. 24, No. 5: ‘Staging the Wreckage’ (July/August 2019) 

Issue Editors: Gianna Bouchard and Patrick Duggan

Proposal deadline: Monday 27 August 2018 


Cuerpo, voz y trueque en las Islas del Rosario, Colombia


1er Encuentro Antropología teatral

Cuerpo, voz y trueque en las Islas del Rosario.

11-18 de Octubre 2018.

Estreno en BOLIVIA, La Paz.

Teatro Grito 

Presenta junto a Magdalena 2a Generación

documentation of performance work on violence against women from 1977-1982

ARIADNE: A Social Art Network is the conceptual framework for all the performance work on violence against women produced by Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz Starus between 1977 and 1982.

ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, Australia

“My great, great grandmother, Louisa Briggs was known as a vocal activist, described in an 1872 edition of the Melbourne Argus as ‘a most resolute lady’. Louisa was often spoken about as being strong-minded, hard working, known for her kindness, her love of children, her humour, fearlessness and courage. In 1876, Louisa led a rebellion against government plans to sell Coranderrk and relocate its residents by writing numerous letters of protest to the Aborigines Protection Board.