Hleb teatar premier
19 February 2020
Bitef theatre
8 pm
New premier of Hleb (Bread) theatre's performance about Motherhood.

MOTHERS deals with the subject of motherhood through three generations of mothers: Grand Mother, Mother and Post Mother, and the character of the Son. It is about the birth and death of Mothers and their immortality. It is about Worry, and Guilt, about lullabyes and swear words that have the word mother in them. It deals with the current birth policies in Serbia, about abortions, and the consumeristic take on motherhood.

It is above all a performance about love.

Text, concept and direction: Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic

Cast: Marta Keler, Jovana Mihic, Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic and Jugoslav Hadzic

Costumes: Vivid design and Hleb theatre

Set design: Nikola Tasic

Total design: Anastasia Tasic

Music: Jugoslav Hadzic



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