Maskmakers Assistants

Call for Vocational Training
The Ortoteatro Cooperative and
The Artisan Workhop of Porto Arlecchino
from June 1 to September 15 - 2019 
Call for Vocational Training
Maskmakers Assistants
scheduled from December 9 to 15 - 2019
Intensive 7 days full-immersion course
at the Porto Arlecchino Laboratory
Via Meduna, 61 - Pordenone (PN) Italy
This is a vocational training initiative that aims to safeguard some ancient crafts for entertainment, which are "endangered", but which represent the excellence of craftsmanship in the history of Italian theater.
This call is intended to contribute to the specific revaluation of the figure of the "Maskmaker", manufacturer of professional masks tailored for the actors of Commedia dell'Arte and other forms of Italian popular theater which became famous throughout the world from the sixteenth century.
To facilitate the advanced training of mask-makers, the Porto Arlecchino workshop opens its doors to students who have already attended the specific Craft Ateliers in the last six years (starting in 2012) and who want to deepen their manual skills and knowledge of the manufacturing materials. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to practice the different techniques of papier-mâché, wood carving of matrices, leather modeling of Neutral masks and Commedia dell'Arte masks, training on projects, matrices and professional casts from the collection of Porto Arlecchino and with the assistance of specialized Masters.
For the selected participants, attendance at the laboratory will be free of charge.
The artifacts will remain in the property of Porto Arlecchino and will be supervised by the Didactic Commission in order to issue a personalized Diploma, with evaluations on the results of each participant.

General Director: Fabio Scaramucci

Artistic Director: Claudia Contin Arlecchino
Didactic Director: Luca Fantinutti
The initiative is made possible thanks to the collaboration between organizers, partners and patronage:
Porto Arlecchino, Cooperativa Ortoteatro, Comune di Pordenone
ConfArtigianato, ConfCooperative, Club for UNESCO - Udine
The image of the 18th century Mask Workshop entitled "Sembianze Trasformate" by Giovanni Grevembroch
was granted by
2019 © Biblioteca Correr - Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
Download the Rules with the Request Form:
Porto Arlecchino
Study of Theater Art and Craft
by Claudia Contin Arlecchino and Luca Fantinutti
mobile: +39.340.3739958 - +39.342.1675465
address: Via Meduna 61 - 33170 Pordenone PN Italy
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Maskmakers Assistants