Magdalena Archive Project

12 September 2013 to 13 September 2013
first explorations towards the possible interlinking of magdalena archive material from across the world

A meeting will be held on 12-13 September in Aberystwyth to begin to plan the Magdalena Project Archive.

To date, physical material has been gathered in various places by people involved in the project, and the Archive section of the web site has provided a chronology, links to festival web sites, and digital material. The question is how to organise all of the material - physical and digital - in such a way that it is accessible to artists, researchers and interested people, and so that it can continue to evolve as the project grows.

At the meeting will be:  

Professor Maggie B Gale, Manchester University (UK): feminist theatre historian, editor of The Open Page Publication,  Professor Heike Roms, Aberystwyth University (UK): performance art historian, principal investigator on the AHRC-funde Locating the Early History of Performance Art in Wales 1965-1979, Helen Varley Jamieson (Australia/Germany): creator and maintainer of The Magdalena Project website and digital archives; expert in digital media, cyberperformance and interactive digital platforms, Dr Susan Croft (UK): writer, researcher and theatre director; director of Unfinished Histories: a digital archive of British Alternative Theatre, Gilly Adams, founder member of The Magdalena Project, contributing editor of the Open Page. Dr Stephen Robins; Magdalena Board member and treasurer,Selene D’ Agostino, Writer and archivist for the Transit Festival (associated with the Magdalena Project) at Odin Teatret, Denmark,  Jill Greenhalgh, Aberystwyth University (UK): founding artistic director of The Magdalena Project and Lecturer in Performance Studies, Professor Lorna Hughes, The National Library of Wales (UK): expert on digital humanities, Ifor ap Dafydd, The National Library of Wales (UK): expert on archives in the digital context, Rhiannon Michaelson-Yeates, The National Library of Wales; Acquisitions Archivist, James Woolley, Phd Student Aberystwyth University specialising in Archiving

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