Lois Weaver wins Hawking Award

For developed understanding of public engagement
The Hawking Award for Developed Understanding of Public Engagement is named for Lucy Hawking, novelist and daughter of Stephen Hawking. This award reflects Lucy's qualities of reflexive, cooperative working, and her understanding of how to bring together research and engagement. It is given to an individual to acknowledge their critical thinking in the field of public engagement. 
This comes at a great time for Lois as she continues her working on her Recipes for Public Conversations during her Public Engagement Fellowship at Wellcome Trust and begins to look at more ways we can communicate and connect with one another in increasingly challenging times.
She wants you to know that she feels, “honored to receive this award and delighted to be in the company of such good people who do the good work of caring, creating, and conversing with the public.”
Huge congratulations to Lois!
What else is new with Split Britches?
Lois has been mentoring a group of artists from across the UK in Peterborough with Metal Culture this week alongside artist and friend, Scottee. The aim of the LAB has been to 'create a supportive and radicalised space to think the unthinkable, get angry, make mess and mistakes, and explore strategies for new artworks, interventions and ways of being.'
We've all been resting and resetting (and defrosting!) after a wonderful five weeks at Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. We're going to let you know about the things we got up to very soon.
Lois and Peggy are heading to Ithaca to take part in a symposium hosted by Cornell Performing & Media Arts - PMA called Feminist Directions: Performance, Power, and Leadership and they're really looking forward to it.
Lois and Peggy are soon to continue working on their new performance during UK-based residencies over the coming months at Metal Culture in Peterborugh and at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts / University of Sussex and they're so excited to return to Peterborough and Falmer.
Lois and Peggy will be facilitating Manchester Sexuality Summer School this year and they're so happy to be returning! Register now to take part.
Stay tuned for more updates from us for the spring, summer and beyond! Thanks as ever for your support.