La Pacha Apapacha - empowering women in arts and business

I'm so happy to announce La Pacha Apapacha's website. This is like a dream come true and I would love to have the support of the loving Magdalena's network, a community that saved my life! Please, take a look at our website and subscribe to our email list. We're trying to give voice to small women business and independent artists from all over the world but specially Latin Americans. We’re going to have a Zoom meeting on April 30th to talk about our objectives and get to know each other.


Brief bio: Founded in 2020, by Juliana Spínola, La Pacha Apapacha is a place for women to express themselves through awareness and empathy. We are building a community of creative women, in all sorts of fields, to share ideas and resonate their voices, in a changing world.


Welcome! ¡Bienvenidas! Bem-vindas!