DAH Theatre
4 July 2016 to 16 July 2016
DAH Theatre, Marulićeva 8, Belgrade

Every year DAH Theatre Research Centre offers an intensive two-week program of events and practical workshops designed for both actors and directors using contemporary theatre techniques. Dah Theatre Institute (originally named The International School for Actors and Directors) is now running in its 13th season.

July 4th till 16th 2016

An approach where directors, actors and dancers indulge in a creative process of physical and vocal training, creating material, and experience how to, through the process of montage, build a performance. Work of the Institute is intended for practicing professionals and those moving towards this.

The work of the Institute consists of:

Practical work
Work demonstration
Project presentation

During this two week at the Institute, the students will be working with actress Maja Mitić, renowned voice and movement specialists and with director and co-founder of Dah Theatre, Dijana Milošević.

Maja Mitić, an actress and a core member of Dah Theatre since its inception, will focus her work on VOICE TRAINING, aimed at developing the vocal possibilities of each individual. She will work on warm-ups, resonators, and vocal actions. She will also focus on the WORK ON TEXTS that consists of creating materials through improvisations, song and physical improvisation. And also she will run PHYSICAL TRAINING, in search of an articulated "speaking/thinking" body of the performer. The participants will go through warm-up exercises, breathing exercises, the "Heart Beat" physical training, and guided improvisation. By searching for the organic impulse that articulates itself through movement this work will develop the sensibility of each individual towards the partner on stage and a sense of group and ensemble.

Director Dijana Milošević will work on different skills and techniques that form the foundation of the performer's craft. The focus will be on the principles of a performer's presence, translating various art forms for the stage and researching personal stories and biographies for the basis of creating performances. The work will also focus on creating actor's material and through the process of montage, building a theatrical performance.

The Institute spoken language is English.

Here you can download the application form in MS Word file APPLICATION

Please send application to:

Institute Coordinator - Ivana Milenović Popović
+381 11 744 98 07
+381 11 644 16 80

From the previous year's participants:

You all gave enormously and patiently of yourselves, your time, your passion and your art. You have reinspired me with a model of life and work - of the possibilities if one works hard and fights when needed. You have helped me to believe the power of my imagination and my dreams.
Electa Behrens (USA)

I know you through your work and that is what has drawn me to want to work with you. The Helen Keller work made a profound impression on me. You do profound work. I have received it gratefully. I admire and respect the work - and thus you.
Gail George (USA)


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