"Inside the Wild Heart"

18 October 2018 to 18 November 2018
Aich Studios, 218 E 25 Street, New York

Linda Wise is directing a new immersive theatre piece on the work of one of Brazil’s greatest and most beloved writers: Clarice Lispector, treasured by the Surrealists and by contemporary feminist critics. Hélène Cixous is a fan. Also described as the greatest Jewish woman writer after Kafka. Ukraine-born, she was only 23 when she wrote Near to the Wild Heart.

«I have never read such introspective writing and am completely fascinated, and challenged by the idea of moving INSIDE her wild heart. A piece and an immersive setting in which to explore the strangeness of being in this world.» Linda Wise.

Conceived and produced by Debora Balardini and Andressa Furletti co-directors of Group BR, New York’s only Brazilian theatre company.

Inside the Wild Heart

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