Inhabiting Erasures

Review of Rakini Devi's art exhibition
Dear all,
I'm so proud to share this wonderful, beautifully articulated review by Keith Gallasch, of my first art exhibition, Inhabiting erasures, embodying traces of the feminine, this March.
Link to the full article below :
This was the post by Keith :
RealTime in the Meantime: Rakini Devi's Inhabiting Erasures at Articulate project space. I visited this absorbing exhibition twice, first on opening night, with its vibrant sense of a celebration of Hindu (and other) goddesses, and of women ‘erased’ but resurrected through Devi’s art, and then with the gallery to myself for a more contemplative response. This was followed by a guided walk by the artist through the works. The exhibition powerfully attests to Devi’s passion to arrest the wrongs done to women by conjuring a magical otherworld of female strength and beauty, while exquisitely revealing painting to be the foundation of Devi’s performative practice. Keith

Inhabiting Erasures, Rakini Devi 2021