Impronte - Magfest International Residency

29 July 2014 to 3 August 2014
Impronte - Magfest International Residency presents:“Kallistòs” and “Presence space performance”

Impronte - Magfest International Residency presents:
“Kallistòs” with Sista Bramini and Camilla dell'Agnola
“Presence space performance” with Jill Greenhalgh

The two workshops are part of  Magfest  International Residency organised from 29 July to 2 August 2014 in the Maiella National Park.

The price for participation in one of the workshops for 5 days is 125 euros.
The price for the residency is 300 euros including accommodation and meals at Locanda Pater Montium (Bocca di Valle-Guardiagrele), Abruzzo, Italy.

To REGISTER please fill in this form and send an email with your CV to, subject: Impronte residency.

(If you would like to work with Jill Greenhalgh on your materials or work in progress please include in your email a short video or a written explanation of your work )


“Presence space performance” with Jill Greenhalgh
The workshop is composed of two modules: in the first module Jill Greenhalgh will alternate theory and practice to investigate the scenic presence in relation to space and to the process of artistic creation; the second module will be focused on the creative process itself and the participants will present and develop their materials or works in progress (this module is open to a maximum of 5 projects of single artists or groups).


“Kallistòs” with Sista Bramini and Camilla dell'Agnola
The workshop is open to women working in theatre or to anyone interested in researching theatre elements and their relationship to nature. The work focuses on theatre as a tool and on the vital precision of its elements in specific relation to the natural space. We will investigate how this relationship to nature can open to forms of feeling and expression different from the ones at play in indoor performing spaces. This experience  touches deep layers of the creative process and develops latent expressive potentials. It allows us to embrace our vulnerability while opening to the poetic integration of the unexpected and coming in contact with our 'memory body', in a state of receptive attention to the space and the performance partners. Through this process, even the indoor theatre experience will become more articulated and captivating.

short cv:


SISTA BRAMINI, artistic director, theatre director, author and story-teller of the theatre company O Thiasos TeatroNatura. She has directed more than 20 performances in parks, natural reserves and archaeological sites in Italy and abroad. She has been teaching residential theatre workshops in nature for more than 15 years.

CAMILLA DELL’AGNOLA, actress, singer and musician. She graduated in viola at the Music Conservatory  G.Verdi of Milan, studied Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance with Ariella Vidach in Milano. She has been training and working with the theatre company O Thiasos TeatroNatura since 2001.


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