In Hug with ZZ

In Hug with ZZ


Multimedia project In Hug with ZZ is based on auto-reflection, i.e. articulation of personal and professional position of the author. Through a parallel between few decades of activism and current performative engagement, Zoe Gudovic wishes to reexamine her own performativity as a fundament of her private, activist/political and artistic life and action. This project comes out of the introspection of this personal moment, built on her need to recapitulate the past and to rethink what future might be like, in these uncertain social and political circumstances.

The whole setting will consist of two series of photographs of hugs, a video work and a ready made, and will focus on the performativity of both activist and artistic practice of Zoe Gudovic, on this pulsating dualism reflected in Zoe herself, recognizable as a spokeswoman and fighter for women`s and lesbian rights, on one hand, and as Zed Zeldic Zed, the first drag king around here.

Title of the exhibition emphasizes the politics of solidarity, love and collective spirit, which are not only central in the professional engagement of this activist/performer, but are her life credo.

Since this exhibition seeks to instigate meditation, interaction and participation, it will also include the workshop focused on the research of Drag King performance - lecture performance alternately done by Zoe and Zed, and guidance through the exhibition in the form of dialogue between the artist and the curator.

Dates and schedule of activities:

March 9 at 8 p.m. – Opening of the exhibition In Hug with ZZ

March 11 at 6 p.m. - Drag King workshop – Learning by Zed!  

The three hours workshop held by Zed Zeldić Zed (drag king figure of Zoe Gudović) will deal with the deconstruction of identities through techniques of dressing up and taking space. It will include a brief education on creations and artistic interventions of drag king performers, inspired by Diana Torr and her work, and a longer practical work where participants will look for their drag personas and try them out right away.

Many of us often imagine how it would be if we would allow ourselves to behave as men mostly do in our private or public surrounding. Do we have it in ourselves? And what is “it”? Do we actually want “it” in our lives or not? Through the workshop we will jointly “dissect” male gender identities in ourselves and in the society, having lot of fun. 8 p.m. - Lecture performance

March 15 at 3 p.m – Guidance through the exhibition in the form of dialogue between the artist and the curator

Author: Zoe Gudović

Curator of the exhibition: Vladimir Bjeličić

Photographs by: Biljana Rakočević and Vladimir Opsenica

Video: Vladimir Šojat

Design: Katarina Popović, Andrej Ostroški

Translation: Ana Imširović Đorđević

Photographed in hug with ZZ: Mima Simić, Sara Ercegović, Ljiljana Živković, Aleksandra Arsovska, Nataša Zlatković, Viva la Diva, Marquise de Sada, Dekadenca, Dajana Ho, Vladica Čulić.

Special gratitude goes to people who contributed in logistics, creativity and finances to the realization of this exhibition:

Ljudmila Stratimirović- Cultural Center Grad, Olga Dimitrijević, Teodora Tabački, Ilija Milošević & Zoja Borovčanin (Soft Match), Ksenija Latinović, Ivan Stojković, Milica Gudovć, Elena Drezga, as well as friends Marta Drury & Ekaterine Gejadzena for their trust.  

Short biographies of ZZ:


Zed Zeldić Zed

Zed’s stature and voice move mountains, stamp them into valleys, pour over them from up high, and spice it all up, warming your heart. With his velvety beauty, sculptured splendor, raw and naïve kindliness, he knows one thing: Birds of a feather rock together. Thus Zed, with no hesitation, gives everyone his or her ration. He likes the most to flaunt his bright gleam, being a rascal of high esteem!

Zoe Gudović is a cultural manager, producer and organizer. Since 1995 she has researched and took part in informal and engaged theatre forms. She merges art and activism in her practice in order to change the current social relations and awareness. Theatre educator. Performer. Drag king transformer. Also a laureate of Jelena Šantić award for combining art and activism, and of BeFem’s Feminist Achievement Award for promotion of feminism out of feminist movement. At the moment works on several creative projects. Particularly enjoys editing and hosting the radio show Ženergija. She created the figure of Zed Zeldić Zed in 2003 and ever since he has led an autonomous life taking them both to incredible adventures.