8 December 2022 to 11 December 2022
Theater Stadelhofen, Zürich

Combining performance, installation and game design, Eutopia calls into question outmoded biological, ecological and anthropological models to transform the theatre into a big action table. Around it, spectators are invited to a participatory experience whose results, always different, are the outcome of their own individual contributions. Collective action, as fundamental as it is ephemeral, is used as instrument to delineate possible worlds that host narratives and visions in which the human and the non-human intertwine – to then recompose a jagged geography of multispecies landscapes in continuous transformation.

Eutopia, Trickster-p, 2022[...] A work of condensation, not simplification: the complexity of topics such as cooperation between people or coexistence between different living species is not hidden nor trivialized. And that doesn't weigh down the experience, which – first out of curiosity in discovering a strange new world and then in working out strategies for survival and coexistence – is most enjoyable. La Regione Ticino (Switzerland)

Genre: participatory theatre
Duration: 100'
Languages: available in English, German and Italian

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