Days of Smiljana Mandukic

A Festival with dance performances, flash mobs, round tables, honoring the life and work of Smiljana Mandukic, pioneer of modern dance in Serbia
17 October 2018 to 21 October 2018
Bitef Theatre, Belgrade
8 pm
A five days Festival in different venues and locations in Belgrade

After the big success of the first edition of Manifestation Smiljana Mandukic’s Days in June, 2017, the project is continuing this year from 17th to 21st of October.

The focus of this year’s programme is on intergenerational  meeting of dancers and choreographers,  on revealing  the  process of the dialogue between composers and choreographers, and on an active reflection, through dance performances and round tables, about the  place of contemporary dance and dancers  now and in the past.

Three performances are planned  on the programme. The premiere of the play “The Body Remembers“ by Hleb Theatre that will be presented in Bitef Theatre on 17th of October. The starting point for this performance was the meeting of the youngest contemporary dancers and the oldest dancers of Smiljana Mandukic.  The author of the  concept, dramaturgy and direction is  Sanja Krsmanović Tasić.  After that, on 19th of October, on stage of Theatre “Pinokio“  the performance of Dance Theatre “Sjene (Shadows)“ from Šibenik (Croatia) – “Madness“ will take place, choreographed by Zorana Mihelčić.  The next day in the performance of  Bitef Dance Company “Prostor za revoluciju (The space for Revolution)“ Bitef Theatre will be the presented, which concept and choreography signs Isidora Stanišić. After every performance a talk with dancers and authors will take place

The part of the programme which contains dialogues and round tables will be in Institution of Culture “Parobrod“ and it will begin with the projection of documentary movie “The Body Remembers“ and the  talk with participants. This movie contains testimonials of the dancers Jelica Golubović, Natalija Đorđević, Jovana Despotović i Dubravka Maletić about their dance and life path from first decades of the  20th century until now, where there meeting with young  dancers Jovana Mihić, Nemanja Bošković, Sara Tasić and Helena Ćelap was documented . The discussion“Dance and Music“ will present the space for a dialogue platform of composers and choreographers, with the revelation of the work process on dance performances, and a round table with the theme “Contemporary  Dance then and now“ will have as a a goal to map the situation of the creators of contemporary dance, with reflection of creative solutions for support and development of the dance scene.

The last day of the programme in Bitef Theatre in 7pm will be organised “Soirée à Beba Bee – Evening at Beba Be“ dedicated to the memory of Smiljana Mandukić with an artistic programme

Manifestation and project Smiljana Mandukic’s Days is important for all who are involved in dance , first of all it is needed because for the education for new generations about the personality and work of this important choreographer, but also because of archiving, digitalizaing  and preserving this important segment of history and tradition of Serbian artistic dance. And last, but not the least – because of the visibility and support to current and future artist, dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance.

The goal of the project is remembering on life and work of Smilja Mandukić, on her role and significance in positioning contemporary dance here, but the goal is also a critical review on the position and situation of contemporary dance in Serbia in 21st century, on the situation of contemporary and independent dance artists then and now.

We remind you that in 80s Music youth of Belgrade, beside concerts of classical music and ballet, had organised concerts of Belgrade contemporary ballet of Smiljana Mandukić too. The pupils from Belgrade  high schools were obligated to attend, and in that way they were closer to contemporary dance.

The project of Association Artistic Utopia and Hleb Theatre is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information and partners in project are: Bitef Theatre, Institution of Culture Parobrod, Puppet theatre “Pinokio“, Association of Dance Artists in Serbia, and many others.

Smiljana Mandukić (1908-1992), dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue, is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance on this area. She was born in Vienna, but she lived and worked in Belgrade. She had found and lead dance troupe “Belgrade Contemporary Ballet of Smiljana Mandukic“ for over three decades, and within it she had created many valuable choreographies. Smiljana is an author of a book “Body Language“ about her concept of work on movement. Her artistic and pedagogue work had marked many creators and educators of contemporary artistic dance here. From the year of 2012, Association of Ballet Artists in Serbia – UBUS assigns the award “Smiljana Mandukić“ for the best interpretation of contemporary dance.

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