CFP: JER 3.1 (2020) Special Section on Embodiment and Social Distancing

CFP on the Journal of Embodied Research JER 3.1 (2020): Special Section on Embodiment and Social Distancing.

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The age of social distancing brings the relationship between embodiment and audiovisuality to the fore in many contexts where it may not have been previously explored. The massive implications for performing arts and ethnographic research are immediately evident, but social distancing restricts all forms of face-to-face embodied encounter, derailing many of the most prevalent strategies for pedagogy, health, celebration, protest, intimacy, and the sharing of knowledge.

Responding to this moment, JER invites proposals for a special section in issue 3.1 (2020) on digital communication and audiovisuality in the age of social distancing. How do we connect with each other in these challenging times? What are the affordances and limitations of existing and future internet platforms when it comes to embodiment and communication, health and politics? What new digital strategies are being developed and what transformations or distortions of time and space do these imply? How do our current actions and behaviours shape future bodies and future worlds?

To allow for timely and inclusive responses, this section invites shorter contributions of up to five minutes, which may be published separately or in a combined form. These will be curated by a panel (Nathalie Fari, Caroline Gatt, Cara Hagan Gelber, Elizabeth de Roza, and Ben Spatz) rather than peer-reviewed. Full-length, peer-reviewed articles are also welcome.