Carmencita Palermo

Balinese Topeng specialist

Different Cultures, different economic backgrounds coming together in artistic harmony – mask theatre and dance improvisation in Gazebo with Carmencita Palermo

Sunday 11th August, 2013-08-12
 Balinese Topeng specialist  Carmencita Palermo visited DarahRouge for a quick trip and  catch up. We took her down to Dago CarFree Day but unfortunately the police of  Bandung and  the government cave to the pressure of those who have cars and money and  closed Carfree day early. CarFree Day for those who don’t know is a much needed four hours a week where the street on Jalan Juanda is closed and performers, exercise fanatics, jugglers and musicians gather and entertain their audience. We ran into Frans Prasetyo, an  urban anthropologist who  too was highly disappointed with the way Car Free Day was being managed.