Ageless Giants

Crossing III
27 March 2013 to 24 April 2013
Odin Teatret, Denmark
A one month course and practical intervention led by Deborah Hunt and The Jasonites

Deborah Hunt will help participants build masks and puppets of different sizes and then lead sessions to give life to these particular objects and build dialogues and scenes with them. The Jasonites will lead the participants in physical training and composition, sessions of percussion and music, and elements of actor's dramaturgy.

Deborah Hunt and The Jasonites will collaborate for the creation of performative sequences which will then be presented at Odin Teatret, in schools, old people's homes and other places in in Holstebro to complete the pedagogical experience with the rigour demanded by the meeting of the spectator and the concrete intervention in the community. Each participant will be responsible for the preparation and planning of an event in town.

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