4° Festival Internacional de Teatro de Mujeres

Collective Empowerment Across Borders
24 September 2020 to 27 September 2020
Antagon Theater, Frankfurt-am-Main
Performances, Workshops, Symposium, Theatre




Marcia Limma, Internationales Frauen Theater-FestivalThe International Womyn‘s Theatre Festival (IWTF) 2020 is planned as a festival for an interested audience and at the same time as a forum for womyn in theatre. Of course, this year with a global pandemic has brought us additional challenges in our work and our lives as womyn and artists. And yet, dear fellow feminists and readers, the time has come: The 4th International Womyn‘s Theatre Festival is taking place! We have not given up on putting this program on its feet and have even expanded it by live streaming, which will reach those of us who unfortunately cannot be physically present this year. We want to inspire and encourage and therefore call upon you not to give up the feminist debate even in the current situation, but to shape it artistically and go through it.

This is why womyn theatre makers and performers will also be present on the premises of protagon e.V. for 4 days this year, presenting their work and positions, discussing and leading workshops and exchanging ideas with the audience, invited active womyn from science, art and culture – and with you!

The 4th IWTF focuses on the topic „Collective Empowerment across Borders“ and creates our common space: a space for mutual encouragement, to discover geopolitical, gender-socialized and age-related boundaries within us and to go beyond them – artistically researching and creatively implementing what is moving (within) us.

You are all welcome to join!

Bárbara Luci Carvalho and the IFTF Team

Image: Marcia Limma

Covid-19 safety precautions

Due to the pandemic regulations, only a limited number of visitors can stay on site at the same time. The association protagon e.V. regulates the entrance and exit. Distance markings and signs point out the protective measures and call for everyone to implement them. The International Womyn‘s Theatre Festival is an event with fixed seating in several spots on the site. If one area is full, we ask the visitors to take a seat in another area. There are NO STANDING SITES during the performances.

For a safe and quick admission, please fill out a registration form in advance. You can easily download it from our website: https://iftf-frankfurt.com/covid-19-schutz-

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